A dream. Of a sexual nature.

Just to make this clear, this isn’t a graphic post about a sex dream I had. Yes, it is about a sex dream that I had but it’s more about what I think about said dream, how unrealistic said dream was and what it could mean. Advance apologies though if I offend anyone etc.

So the dream went a bit like this:

I was house sitting for this family and the daughter of the family decided to stay. Then we were just chatting in a corridor when I pointed to their conservatory and said “want to rumble in the jungle?”. She agreed and we had sex.

Now, I have a few issues with this dream:

  • I know this girl in real life. She went to my school and we had a couple of lessons together and I’d have the odd chat with her but nothing serious and when I’ve been awake I don’t think about her and certainly don’t find her attractive. So why was she in my dream?
  • Why didn’t she leave the house and let me get on with my house sitting duties like napping on the sofa, watching tv and eating everything from their fridge?
  • Why did I think the line “rumble in the jungle” would work? And why did it work?

I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to dream defining so I had a quick look on the good old internet and it said the following:

  • One website says that if I dream of homosexual sex and am a homosexual in real life then it is merely a reflection of myself and my life. Well I can tell you it certainly isn’t!
  • According to another website, I may be nervous to embark on a new relationship.
  • It was also suggested that I am missing sex in my waking life. That is evident from my use of the phrase “rumble in the jungle” to be honest…
  • A lot of websites talk about my subconscious brain exploring “taboo” subjects. The only thing that was taboo about my dream was that I was a really bad house sitter. I didn’t hoover or unload the dishwasher like I had previously promised to do…
  • My dream might also be a sign of my secret hopes and fears. Hmmm.

All in all I think it was probably just my mind wandering off but it’s definitely food for thought.


I didn’t want anyone to know.

I am a fabulous friend. I’m not but for the purpose of this post let’s assume I am.

I wanted to give my friend a really unique present for Christmas (a bit early? Yeah I thought so…) so I had a little hunt around and I found a website that would do exactly what I wanted AND they were offering a discount. Ace!

So I started tapping away and getting all excited about ordering it when I was informed that I had to create an account. Ugh. One more account that I will never go on but will insist on sending me spam emails even though I deliberately did not tick the promotions etc box.

So I create a generic password and get back on track.

I am in the final stages of perfecting my order when I press confirm and am told that the website is going to publish my purchase on a rather well know social networking site that I happened to be signed in to.


I never asked it to that! I never gave it my permission to do that! I was outraged!

I especially didn’t want everyone knowing what I was buying as it was meant to be a surprise.

Thankfully, I deleted my order before it had the chance to pop up out of no-where and ruin Christmas. But really.

Is this the era I live in? Is this what I have to learn to expect? Every time I get a drink or watch a film or go to the toilet should I assume that it will appear on my profile?

Now I’m angry because I went through all that effort and didn’t get what I wanted and because I feel like my privacy was well and truly invaded. Sometimes I wish I lived in a time before the internet because I feel like people know so much about my life.

It’s like this whole new ad thing where relevant ads and websites pop up just because I’ve searched for “chicken” once in the past year. And suddenly I’m being told where to buy chickens from, how to raise chickens and if vegetarians miss eating chicken.

It’s crazy. So crazy. I didn’t want anyone to know.

Restore me. Restore me to my younger, better self.

This is not about me wanting to return to when I was 11. When I was a nice size and when I felt energetic. (Although if I could return to that time I’d certainly cut down on the chip butties, crisps and the morning Twirl bar…)

I’m talking about my laptop.

My useless, useless laptop.

Yes, I know I’m lucky to have one but the way it’s functioning these days it is almost not worth having it.

The past few days I haven’t been able to connect to the internet and today I contacted Dell. I typed in my express service code and was informed that if I was having problems with the internet I should restore my laptop to the last time that the internet worked. And it worked.

But how?

I literally have no idea how it’s possible.

I’m amazed.

This happened today and it was good. 20/08/12

My internet came back today! After a stressed phone call it just randomly came back!

Whilst it’s been off I’ve been thinking about some blogs that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. One is an attempt to be humorous, one a book review and one is about something slightly closer to home. Because they’re going to be quite long they may not be up for a few days but I’ll do some little ones in-between.

On a different note: I’ve not had many replies to my question and answers post and I am keen to make it a regular thing. So please ask me any questions you have about me and my life however trivial or personal they sound and I will answer them all on Saturday.

Have a great day. 🙂