Cis hate.

Years ago, I was part of a big LGBTQ group. We’d all met online on a forum and we would occasionally meet up and hang out. Gradually though it all faded out and we just had each other on Facebook.

I used to be friends with a lad called Matt (not his real name) and supported him through his transition (FTM) and I was pleased to see that he was out and happy and getting on with his life.

Then one day he went on a cis rant on Facebook and made comments such as “I want to burn all cis people with lighters”. (I’m paraphrasing but it’s close enough.)

Why the fuck would you want to burn all cis people with lighters?

I don’t care how much of a bad day he’d had, burning cis people is not the answer.

At the time, I identified as cis and so it felt very personal but I was also aware that I was thinking “I wouldn’t want to burn cis people with lighters.”

I told a friend of mine about it and she tried to defend him saying that neither of us knew what it was like to be trans and to face hate from cis people.

Well now I do and I still think what he said was disgusting.

Why would anyone want to cause more hurt and hatred and fear? I rely on my cis friends, family and colleagues every single day. I was created by two cis people. Cis people taught me how to do maths and a cis person taught me how to drive a bus. 

I find it so hard to comprehend that a trans person would alienate someone because of their gender identity and seek to punish them.


2 thoughts on “Cis hate.

  1. My comments are anecdotal and not “data” in the sense of any wide study, but in my experience, trans people who feel that way are often very frustrated and have few, and maybe zero, close cis friends who also stand up for them. They are often surrounded by cis people (usually family or co-workers) who mock them, misgender them, and otherwise constantly disrespect them.

    That doesn’t make the reaction right, but I do see how it happens and the frustration behind it.

    • waggcomedy says:

      I know I’ve been very lucky in terms of reactions/support from cis folk and that definitely means that I struggle to see why anyone would feel differently to me. I just think it’s a shame because it makes trans people look angsty and aggressive and I think it creates a wider divide. But yes, I completely understand that a lot of it comes from his interactions and experiences with cis people. Thank you for your comment – it made me think! And a bit of perspective is always good!

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