I, a 24 year old, love fanfiction.

There’s something about the crude details and the even cruder sentence structures that lures me back to fanfiction.

I have a couple of specifications that a piece of fanfiction must adhere to however:

  • It must be filthy. I don’t want to read a five chapter piece about a vanilla friendship. I want graphic descriptions of outlandish sex acts.
  • It has to be set on this planet. I haven’t got the mental capacity to imagine that it takes place on Mars. I can’t relate to Mars.
  • It has to be similar to the actual tv series/film. I don’t want it to be about two people that vaguely resemble their tv namesakes.

    Basically, I crave an x-rated version of events and I can happily say that the internet provides!

    I’ve tried writing fanfiction myself but my fiction is appalling and seems to revolve around unrealistic relationship expectations. 

    I went through a stage when I read fanfiction at least once a day and recently I’ve been looking at it at least once a week.

    Tell me this is acceptable.


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