Please don’t break my lesbian heart.

This post will almost definitely contain spoilers for Faking It and Grey’s Anatomy so if you aren’t up to date I’d look away now!

It’s a shame that I’m not 15 again. When I was 15 and desperately “shipping” people I only had fanfiction to turn to. I didn’t have Tumblr or Instagram. Now that I am 23 I am making the most out of my inner fangirl and I am taking advantage of these modern ways of becoming easily obsessed with things.

Who is my OTP (One True Pairing  -a combination of people who I think fit together the best)? I am torn between it being Karmy (Karma and Amy from Faking It) or Calzona (Callie and Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy). It’s worth mentioning that Naomily (Naomi and Emily from Skins) score very highly but I’m not quite yet emotionally stable enough to enjoy their series 3 and 4 romance. (I will NEVER be ready to talk about what happened to them in series 7 – my heart is still aching from that one!).

The problem with shipping people is that I reach a whole new level of emotional involvement. I can no longer just enjoy Faking It or Grey’s Anatomy; I have to analyse every single word my OTP say to each other and try and find a meme for it so I can look at it at 3am and rediscover all of “the feels”.

Speaking of feels, I’ve been emotionally fragile recently.

MTV have cancelled Faking It (we all know Karmy wont be endgame and that’s literally destroying me right now) and Callie and Arizona have just been to court to settle the custody of their daughter, Sofia.

Let’s talk about Karmy first. I wont do a recap as I don’t think I can describe their relationship accurately. I desperately wish that Karma would just accept that there is the possibility that she has feelings for Amy. I mean what was that “woah” about after the threesome kiss (Confused by what I’m talking about? If you love angsty teenage love stories you’d love Faking It so it’s worth catching up!)? And why did she kiss Amy in the swimming pool?

I thought Grey’s Anatomy were finally going to make me happy when Callie and Arizona got married but oh nooooo. Now they’re separated and I’m starting to think that no lesbian couple finishes with a happy ending.

The list of lesbian/bi characters that have been killed off is extremely long. Can we take a moment to remember Cat (Lip Service), Dana (The L Word) and Naomi (Skins. Also, just because we didn’t see her die doesn’t mean she didn’t. Despite how much I’d love to believe she survived I think I need to be realistic and allow myself to grieve.).

Then there are all of the lesbian/bi couples that haven’t died but have split up under ridiculous, out of character circumstances. And, just when you think your OTP will get their happy ever after, the show is cancelled. Two words: Sugar Rush.

I’m not asking for too much am I? I just want a bit of happiness.


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