You’re a what?!

I’m a godmother.

Seems perfectly plausible right?

Apparently not.

Whenever I tell anyone that I’m a godmother they seem baffled. Even my own grandmother said  I’d be an awful godparent.

Actually (and rather bigheadedly), I’m a very good godmother. I shouldn’t take any credit for that though; my goddaughter is the funniest, most intelligent and happiest toddler ever. Fact. And to be honest she brings out the best in me.


I can’t pinpoint why people seem shocked when I tell them that I have a goddaughter. I’m not a habitual drug user, a murderer or anything else like that. I’m a non-smoking, practically teetotal bus driver. What’s so bad about that?

I sincerely hope people aren’t concerned because I’m gay; as most of us know you cant catch gayness. And even if you could – SO WHAT?!

Maybe my age surprises people but I don’t think that I am particularly young and I have always been pretty mature for my age. Deaths of close family members, interesting step-parent dynamics and being gay have made me a lot more… adult like?

And, whilst I am adult like, I have maintained a certain childishness; which I think is key to being a godparent. I can do sensible things like securing her into a car seat properly but I can also make train noises and jump into ball pits. (How cool are indoor play places? I definitely did not appreciate them enough when I was younger!)

Of course there is always the religious element. Yes, I was christened but do I consider myself to be a Christian? No. I think a modern day godparent has much more than just a religious input in a child’s life. If and when she asks me about religion I wont limit my answer to Christianity, nor will I force my opinion down her throat. I’ll tell her that there are many religions and religious scriptures and that everyone has a different way of being part of that religion or interpreting that scripture. I’ll also tell her that some people don’t believe in any religion and that some people are unsure and that a person’s religion does not necessarily define them.

Occasionally, I have doubted my ability to be a godparent. I am not the healthiest person and cannot run around after her for long periods of time. I am not particularly clued up on kids and what kids like to do and how to keep them entertained. I didn’t know how to hold her properly when she was born and I don’t think my I am the most inspirational person around.

But I love her and I love seeing her grow up and learn new words and I love seeing her trying to figure out things in life for the first time and I think that’s the most important thing. You can’t teach someone how to love.










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