My intentions.

Blogging from my phone is difficult but I have a free hour so…

When it comes to a lot of things I have good intentions. I want to read a lot of books, lose a lot of weight and make my room a tranquil place of rest.

In reality however I start and don’t finish books, gain weight and watch my room slowly fill with things that I can’t seem to shift.

It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t have much time. I can be extremely motivated when I feel like it and I have days off work fairly regularly. So I don’t really understand why have a stack of books to read next to my bed.

I think I’m a good procrastinator. I will do almost anything to avoid the most important things in my life (going to the bank is a good example of this!) and I worry myself unnecessarily and make these important tasks seem impossible.

I also have a short attention span. I can’t watch a film in one sitting (I even get up and pace around the corridors at the cinema) and if a book hasn’t featured a death, an affair or some sort of apocalyptic event within the first 5 pages then I’m not likely to finish it.

I guess you could say that I really value my spare time and so don’t want to waste it on things that I don’t find exciting or funny or worthy.

And I’m acutely aware that loosing weight and going to the bank are worthy. So maybe I am just lazy after all.


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