Daytime television.

What a thrilling subject for a blog, right? Right!

I’ve been off work with flu (which was absolutely awful!) and it means I’ve spent a lot of time watching mind numbing daytime tv.

The problem with daytime tv is, in my opinion, that it’s weirdly addictive. You can have it in the background while you fade in and out of hallucinations (why does flu cause hallucinations by the way?) or you can actually concentrate on it. Multipurpose shows are built to last.

I like the range you get from cooking, to antiques to gardening, topical conversation shows and shows making or breaking relationships. Shows set in a courtroom or an auction room. Annoyingly, there’s something for everyone.

When I was unemployed (half by choice, half by health) I craved my daily dose of Loose Women but now I only have to hear their (new) theme tune and I cringe. Yet today I found myself mindlessly staring at the tv while it was on.

Occasionally I’m “spare” at work (which is as thrilling as it sounds) which involves sitting (sometimes sleeping) all morning waiting for someone to phone in sick or be late. On days when I’m spare I end up watching a lot of daytime tv and I’m divided as to whether it fills a gap of creates one. On one hand, it passes time and it vaguely entertaining but on the other it is just people talking about an old vase or why they think schools should have healthier meal options. Do I really care or am I just watching it for the sake of watching it?

I’m spare Thursday and am already planning my daytime tv binge; like the secret addict that I am.


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