Life is busy.

If I thought life was busy before I started my job, I was wrong. I think I completely underestimated how little time I’d have to myself and how much of that time would have to be devoted to work things that needed to be done at home.

I am so tired.

But I feel rewarded. I think the fact that I just got paid helps a lot but I feel genuinely good. Genuinely happy.

On top of  all of that we’ve got a new kitten. He’s a jumpy four month old now but I’ll attach a picture from when he was significantly younger and fluffier.

I will blog more when I get into the flow of things but until then I hope there has been a lot of celebrating in America (and worldwide actually); I couldn’t be happier to hear that “gay” marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Times are changing and I couldn’t be more chuffed.

Here’s Max in all his fluffiness…


Hello folks!

Hey guys how are you all doing? I’ve been pretty busy, thanks for asking. 😉 No but seriously my life is crazy at the moment but I’ll resume regular posting soon.

In the meantime could you all be absolute darlings and take a look at my friend’s questionnaire for her dissertation? It’s all about LGBTQ representation in relation to television. It’s short and straightforward and it would be awesome if you could fill it out! 😀

Enough of a plug, I’ll be back soon! 🙂