The dreaded early hours.

I’ve been seeing a lot of the night recently. I’ve always been a night owl but a combination of heartburn and unusually disturbed sleep has led me to keep routinely pressing “continue playing” on Netflix every two hours; Netflix’s subtle way of suggesting I should give up and get some sleep.
But I can’t.
I lie down and I feel sick or uncomfortable and immediately reach for something technological to wake me up.
Trust me when I say that, up until recently,I was an eight hours a night kind of girl who was dependent on sleep and had the occasional afternoon nap. But I barely nap now and eight is the number of hours I spend awake, sat watching The Inbetweeners for the 10th time that month.
And I’m not saying I’m an insomniac. I used to work with a lad who hardly got any sleep and I saw how affected he was by that, I have nowhere near as much difficulty sleeping as he did.
I’m tempted to text him, he’ll be awake.
I should probably point out that relaxation videos and soundtracks work for me. They send me into a deep, peaceful sleep. But I shouldn’t, and don’t, rely on them in order to get some sleep. Finding a solution without really addressing the problem is pointless.
Not that I know what the problem is or where to start.