Girl crushes and how they confuse me.

Not me personally, obviously. If I felt confused every time I had a thing for a girl I’ve have had a breakdown by now.
No, I’m talking about “straight” women who have girl crushes. Am I mocking straight women by using the quotation marks? No, straight women exist I’m aware of that. But what I want to challenge is if straight women can have girl crushes and still be straight.
Controversial? I hope so.
I recently read a post in which someone tried to describe why they had a girl crush on a certain celebrity. But they couldn’t find the words. It wasn’t that they liked one specific thing about this celebrity. They didn’t want to be her friend, they didn’t like her fashion sense and they weren’t jealous of her lifestyle. They just had an unexplainable feeling about her.
Yeah I’ve had that about women too. That churning in the stomach (not caused by an undercooked piece of meat), the shaky hands (not caused by some form of withdrawal) and the heart palpitations (not caused by a caffeine overdose. Speaking of which, I’m not drinking caffeine again – hurray!).
That unexplainable feeling could be attraction. Just sayin’.
And I don’t think people are against those feelings because I understand that a lot of people are open minded and that it’s possible to fall for somebody because of their personality and not their gender. I get that.
But then why the need to identify or label themselves as straight? Why not explore bisexuality or pansexuality?
And let’s say a woman likes a specific celebrity because of their looks. They like her black hair and her petite figure. What’s to say that’s the only woman with black hair and a petite figure that they’ll like? What if they like other women who look like that?
When does a girl crush/multiple girl crushes become a sexuality thing rather than an admiration thing?
And I’m not trying to recruit, I’m just puzzled.
And I get that if someone finds someone else’s hair nice it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to jump into bed with them. I think Rupert Grint is a cutie but I don’t want his kids.
I’m also confused by the whole “the difference between a straight girl and a bi girl is two drinks” theory. First of all, bisexuality is not a drunk sexuality; it is a legitimate sexuality and doesn’t deserved to be undermined. Yet I don’t understand why when some women are drunk they kiss other women? Or why some women say they’d kiss a woman/sleep with a woman if they were drunk. A friend of mine always used to say that drunk feelings were sober thoughts and I can’t help but wonder if this is the case.
I guess I haven’t really got a conclusion to this because feelings aren’t something that can be plotted and measured but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on this. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Girl crushes and how they confuse me.

  1. Susan Carey says:

    Girl crushes…sigh! More than a drunken dare. It’s feeling raw and exposed, unable to pull yourself away from her. It’s confusing, and heartbreaking, and almost always ends with someone getting hurt. But I wouldn’t trade those brief moments of euphoria for anything. It’s what inspires me to write, and create my own happy endings…

  2. Nil says:

    >>Yet I don’t understand why when some women are drunk they kiss other women?<<

    Maybe it's a bit like crossing a threshold and they dare not when they are sober? O, I'm not the 'wise woman' here… Haven't all the answers either… πŸ˜› What I have always believed is, though, that 100% straight does not exist except in what you are taught, what you grew up with… and then it may be a bit hard to go exploring… And being drunk helps to take the first step?

  3. Dace says:

    you got it right, my friend. People feel comfortable labeling. If there were no labels, there would be a mass confusion between what’s normal and what is not. Yeah, I said the word NORMAL even though nobody till this day can actually give a definition to what that means.
    In this case, “I am straight” but have a girl crush still means that they are trying to fit into some kind of boundaries, where you do not cross the line and therefor you are still straight.

    If there was no judgment, people would just live the way they see it fit and be happy instead of trying to fit it or conform to some kind of scale of reference.

    Most of people should know by now that sexuality is not black and white and is no such a thing100% of something….But, oh, well, those are mind games that people choose to play with themselves.

  4. gladysandberyl says:

    Excellent post Wagg πŸ™‚ Well said and very true. Drunk feelings and actions definitely reflect sober thoughts!

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