This week has been a very controversial week.

So this week Germany announced that it would be adding a “third gender” option to birth certificates.

It’s stated in the New Science magazine that this gender has been added because of “developmental or genetic problems – making it difficult for doctors and parents to decide if a child is male or female.” Ok, fair.

I am a bit surprised, however, to hear that its main purpose is not for adults who feel that they are neither gender, both genders or other to state so.

Whilst I understand the need for it medically and legally, I kind of wish it had been introduced to help those who feel that the gender binaries do not fit them.

Some people have been very hostile towards the new addition and have said that it ignores intersex and transgender and gender queer people and that it is merely a legal based decision. Whilst I understand this it is a huge step forward and one that I think Germany should be commended on.

No it’s not the best possible outcome but they’re exploring the idea that there are more than two genders and that has to be positive surely?


2 thoughts on “This week has been a very controversial week.

  1. Social change comes in nibbles, not large bites – at least the ones that last, that is.

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