Memories on dvd.

Today I found my old camcorder which was aptly named “Waggcam”. I say found because it had been lying dormant in my room for over a year. I knew where it was and I knew I had to sort my videos out at some point but I’d left it there. Until today.

I used to watch the old videos back frequently, I would cringe at my toothy grin and get teary eyed watching my 3 year cats in videos of them as kittens.

What I had genuinely forgotten about was my video diaries that were stored on the camera’s internal memory. They are priceless! My long hair is often matted and I wore a lot of loosely fitting hoodies and I cried a lot. I cried about everything; literally everything.

The real question is, what do I do with these videos? There must be in excess of 100 hours of footage. I, obviously, want to keep them but I want to do more than just store them away.

I’m contemplating mashing them all together into one huge Waggcam film that I can enjoy with my friends but I know it’ll be time consuming and emotionally draining.

There are videos of my (now late) granddad, videos of my flooded house and videos of me simply sitting in my room trying to figure out why I feel so strongly about certain women. There are videos of me nervously exploring Albi on the French exchange, videos of drama rehearsals that depict me chomping on chip – shop chips and videos of people who I no longer speak to or see but people who I shared a great big chunk of my life with.

So now is the decision time, what to do with these videos?



4 thoughts on “Memories on dvd.

  1. i think doing what you suggested would be great – your quite right it will be very emotional so just do it in bite size chunks – who cares if it takes 5 years – it will be wonderful to watch when its done and a great legacy to leave behind

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