Four possible reasons why I have a headache.

1. I might be ill. This is quite likely as I have been sneezing a lot and generally feeling a bit meh. (My sneezing could be hay fever though so…) I hope I’m not ill as I’ll be finishing work for the summer soon and I don’t want to be ill for the holidays. However, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence in my life. I could pretty much guarantee that as soon as the summer holidays (or any holiday for that matter!) got closer I would get ill. I cannot even remember how many Christmas’ I have been ill for. It sucks.

2. I could have carbon monoxide poisoning. (I don’t by the way.) I woke up to a note today from my mum telling me that the battery in the carbon monoxide sensor needed to be changed. So I did. But it kept beeping (and not a dangerous kind of beep, just a battery kind of beep). But, being the crazy person that I am, I immediately assumed that my house was full to the brim with carbon monoxide and I scooped all my cats up and took them outside with me. Then I headed down to B&Q and got a new carbon monoxide detector and now all is quiet in my house. So, it’s not a headache from that…

3. I haven’t had any caffeine yet and so I’m quite possibly suffering from withdrawal. Yep, you heard me; I’m back on the caffeine. It isn’t all bad though. Yes it makes me shake and behave slightly erratically but as soon as I have some my headaches disappear and I can stay awake for longer. (A bit like carbon monoxide, long term exposure is not good. I know I need to stop having caffeine but I kind of can’t… Hmmmm…)

4. I had a troubling dream that has stuck with me most of the morning. It started off at work where I got called a bloke by someone (this annoyingly happens in real life) and then I was with some girl (there’s a story to this but I can’t explain it now) and everything was all good and then she just disappeared. Maybe my brain has been trying to figure out what this means and has given itself a headache from it.

Or I could just be dehydrated.


4 thoughts on “Four possible reasons why I have a headache.

  1. TomBoy says:

    Hahaha! Nice. Sometimes one’s throat just hurts and you feel poopy and are dehydrated and effected by bad air all at once. Those are bad times. I hope that things are much better for you at present.

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