So I reviewed the LGBTQ YouTube community nearly a year ago and I thought it was about time I had another look at it since a fair bit has changed since then.

If you haven’t had a peek at the last review you can read it here:

I’ll be focusing on channels that I didn’t talk about before but the channels that I mentioned before are still out there and are still awesome and I urge you to have a look at them!

Let’s get started!

The couples:

Bria and Chrissy (

Not only are these women musically talented but they are politically active and have been on the news fighting for what they believe. With their most popular video racking up over a million views, it’s safe to say that they are well liked on YouTube. And how could you not like them? They’re sexy, eloquent and opinionated; three key qualities in a channel hosting couple.

Kaelyn and Lucy (

Despite the fact that they live in different countries and don’t regularly see each other, they make this channel work. They offer advice on all aspects of long distance relationships from arguments, communication and how they plan visits.

Lez Be On Talk (

Think of an LGBTQ topic. Got one? Chances are these two lovely ladies have covered it. They’ve interviewed their parents, talked about self-harm and have even braved the slightly more amusing topic of names for vaginas. The best thing about them is that they balance each other out and that makes for a well-rounded channel. With over 40,000 subscribers and 2 years’ experience they are well on their way to be a huge YouTube success.

Rose Ellen Dix (                                 

So they may not offer advice and they may not be making consistently serious videos but I adore them. They’re witty and so clearly in love which is so refreshing. (Did I mention that they’re super hot? I don’t think I have. They’re super hot; just putting that out there!)

The obvious ones:

Tegan and Sara (

Who doesn’t love Tegan and Sara? Not only do they post their music videos but they also do little updates, Carpool Confessionals and behind the scenes videos. They’re adorable and their music is relatable and getting better all the time. They’ve worked hard to get where they are and it’s certainly not gone unnoticed as they’ve got an impressive 116,000 subscribers and over 6,000,000 views on their official “Closer” video.

Heather Peace (

Heather has received a great reception to her recent music career and her channel charts exactly this. It shows her in her rawest form doing what she loves.

The internet series’:

Anyone but me (

Even though this has come to an end I know I can always come back and watch this and enjoy it every time. This series was hugely influential for me as the script is well written and the actors do it justice. It tackles sensitive issues about sexuality, family and long distance relationships as well as friends, education and cheating within a relationship. Even though it doesn’t explore these things explicitly, it’s obvious enough to be recognised.,

Easy Abby (Juicy planet) (

This series is feisty and fun and is different to any other web series that I’ve seen. It’s pleasantly short which means that it’s not too hard to catch up. The channel also features other lesbian related videos that are just as good.

The ones that don’t fit into a category:

Drew Tombs (

Drew is undeniably cute and with a following of over 3000 people he is well known in the LGBTQ YouTube community. As well as making videos with his boyfriend he talks about a range of non-LGBTQ related topics which makes him a flexible YouTuber with a lot of potential and scope. Check him out!

Project toasty (

I can sum Project Toasty up in only one word: awesome. One of the regular presenters is Arrielle fromArrielleIsHamming ( ) so I knew instantly that this channel would be good. It’s really interactive with its audience and that is a really bold but a really good move for this channel.

The Real Alex Bertie (

Alex is a female to male transguy. He not only talks about trans topics but covered a lot of other LGBTQ topics in some of his older videos which date back as far as 2 years ago. He’s been through a lot and he’s not afraid to show it. His bravery is so inspiring and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.


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