On this Toosday Revoosday, I am not a happy bunny. The programme I wanted to review has been taken off iPlayer and I can’t find it on YouTube. There goes that idea then! 😦

But, I have picked myself back up (literally, I knocked myself out yesterday…) and today I shall be reviewing “Out in the Army”; a book about being gay in the Army written by James Wharton.

I saw this book advertised in DIVA magazine (which I highly recommend) and was hesitant about whether I’d like it or not. But, soon I found myself on Amazon buying it.

I read the brief review on the back from Stephen Fry and felt slightly comforted that it had received such high praise.

I was not let down.

From the start, Wharton combines brutal honesty, humour and captivating image provoking language to set the scene of his early life in Wales and, later, his Army training and subsequent career.

There are some shocking parts, yes, but that makes his journey even more amazing; he strived even when he faced such personal hardships.

Personally, I would have liked to have heard more about his initial Army training but that’s just me.

The book is well paced, thoughtfully written and a truly unique insight into his life.

I could go on to lavishly describe this book in all of its glory but I want to leave a little to be discovered.

Buy it. But it now. Whether you’re gay or straight (or other), in the Army or a civilian, have no interest in the Army or are obsessed with it I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Great read by a great man.


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