Song of the week: week 18. (And some stuff about poetry)

Well good morning everybody!

This week I’ve gone back to 2004 with Franz Ferdinand’s “Take me out”.

It reached #3 in the UK singles chart and #1 in UK indie chart. And I can definitely see why!

The beginning always lulls me into a false sense of security as it’s quite mellow and then the guitar kicks in and the whole song changes. I love the lyrics, I love their voices and, most importantly, I adore the video.

Now onto the poetry.

Last night, whilst watching Skins and sobbing (I was literally sobbing, this isn’t an exaggeration) I wrote the first piece of poetry that I’ve been really happy with for a long time. It said exactly what it needed to and in a much more subtle way than my writing normally does. I wanted it to be just enough and not too much and I feel like it is and I want to share it but, once again, my fear of over-exposure holds me back. We’ll see how it goes.



2 thoughts on “Song of the week: week 18. (And some stuff about poetry)

  1. Vassilis says:

    Wow, 10 years gone by since FF released their debut album! Time goes by so fast! Alex and the boys have done a marvellous job on this and their sophomore was almost equally good. Their third one was a bit of a disappointment though…

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