More sea.


My bearded father and a letter.

So last night I had two unpleasant dreams.

The first was that my dad magically came back to life (this one is less unpleasant to be honest and just a bit sad really). However, he didn’t look like my dad; he just looked like my uncle with a beard. (But they were brothers so…?) Nothing particularly exciting happened in this dream but it was a reminder that I haven’t really been thinking about my dad much and so I should probably do that (right after I’ve done the list of 487 things that are already outstanding.).

The second dream was a bit more unpleasant because it involved me writing an emotional letter to someone. Not only was this dream upsetting it also bought a few old issues to the forefront of my mind; which is where they’ve sat all morning. I’m left debating the same things and going in the same circle in my mind. I need to break this chain but with what?

Obviously, my first thought was that I needed caffeine (I lie, my first thought was alcohol but I can’t afford to get drunk today!) and so I had a good dose of that but, for once, it hasn’t done much to ease the niggling negative thoughts brewing in my brain.

As with most difficult situations in life I will now consult my back up plans: ignoring these thoughts and doing something else, driving and listening to thought provoking songs and, my favourite, sleeping.

On the plus side, this blind determination to ignore my life means I’ll have a lot more time for reviewing! 

Skins things.

Hello everybody! What a beautiful day it is! (If you live in the south of England you’ll know I’m lying; the weather is crap!)

So my Maxxie review is up (*cough* check it out *cough*) and next I’ll be reviewing Frankie.

I’m hesitant to do this because the characters in series 5 and 6 were my least favourite generation and I felt that Frankie was more than a bit ambiguous therefore harder to review etc… But I’ll be doing that soon and then I’ll be moving on to reviewing Emily and Naomi.

This is going to be sooo hard for me to do because I adore their storyline and I can see that I may have to do it in instalments as doing an entire review of everything in one will be a Skins overload; even for me.

Then I’ll be reviewing series 7 (once it’s out) and I’ll hopefully be happy with what they’ve done with Emily and Naomi’s characters (who am I kidding? I’ll no doubt be furious with their progression and will spend eternity mourning what could have been…).

Finally, I’ll be reviewing Tea in the US Skins who replaced Maxxie. I’ve just started watching the US series and so far I’m not particularly impressed but that could all change!

I’ll also be reviewing other programmes to give my reviews a bit more variety but expect a lot of Skins stuff coming up. And let me know how you’d like to see a review done. Did you like the video or would you prefer a written one? Or maybe an annotated storyboard or something else? Let me know. 🙂

Have a good week and I’ll post again soooooooon!

Song of the week: week 21.

This week I’ve travelling back to 2007 for Basshunter’s “Now you’re gone”.

I’ve chosen this song because somebody mentioned it at work last week and since putting it on my ipod I haven’t stopped listening to it.

It reached #1 in Ireland, the UK and the US and was well received in Basshunter’s home country of Sweden; reaching #2.

I must admit Basshunter’s music is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, and one that I have been indulging in frequently!