Jason Collins.

So an awful lot of people have been talking about Jason Collins and his recent coming out. Some people have been in support of it whilst some have not.

One post compared him and a soldier and said that the soldier is a hero and that Jason Collins is not. And I understand that; he’s not a hero in the generic sense. He hasn’t saved anyone’s life.

Or has he?

Is there a gay kid in some tiny American town that’s seen the news and thought “If he’s gay and people don’t mind then maybe people won’t mind that I’m gay.” Maybe he’ll put down that razor or those pills and maybe he won’t feel so alone.

I’ve also seen posts where people say he (along with others) shouldn’t feel the need to come out anymore. And I get that. It’d be great if people didn’t assume that everyone is straight and that no-one would be shocked when people came out as gay. But people do assume and people are shocked. And when people are shocked it becomes a taboo and, when it becomes a taboo, people are afraid to come out.

I don’t come out to people because I live differently or because I want attention or special treatment. I come out to people so that I don’t have to awkwardly correct them when they ask if I have a boyfriend and I come out so that I feel like I’m being 100% honest with them. The same way I tell people that my dad’s dead so they don’t ask me what I’m doing for him on father’s day and then get angry when they find out that he’s been dead for 16 years.

Basically, I’m glad he’s come out and some people aren’t. End of.


12 thoughts on “Jason Collins.

  1. Loz says:

    You’re so right with this Wagg – there is a need to come out because there’s still stigma and lack of acceptance so often. And those lovely assumptions people make! I commend Jason Collins for being who he is and for making a public stand. I’m sure there’s many gay kids out there who’ll breathe a little easier having one more public role model.

  2. I remember the last time I had a friend “come out” to me. She said, “I haven’t even told so-and-so I’m gay.” I responded, “You never told me either.” Her reply? “That’s different. I knew you wouldn’t care.”

    It should be like that; no one should really care, except as the normal interest level in a friend’s life. A guy 7-feet tall shouldn’t have to be “in” in the first place. Seems like he’s big enough to be a man, and accepted for whatever choice he makes.

    What is sad is that it still isn’t the case.

  3. FreeRangeCow says:

    I have never thought of “telling people” as part of being 100% authentic and honest. I am still on the side of “what happens in my bedroom is my bizz…” ;o) I can see both sides. When I read his interview, however, I was at once proud and also appalled that it is 2013. 2013, I repeat, and this is still “a topic.” It made me wonder; is the US really behind things or could it be said it is still a social stigma in other countries (muslims aside)?

    • waggcomedy says:

      Yeah that’s true. I can see where you’re coming from. I always had the feeling that if I didn’t tell people I was hiding quite a major part of me. And then, as I get to know them better, the bedroom details tend to follow during drunken conversations. 😛 That’s a very good point! I think quite a lot of it is social stigma in other countries but some is still stigma from everyday people.

  4. I think social stigma like this will take a while to totally melt away.

    I was reading something during a week, a working class gay guy who grew up in England during the 80s, who said it would have been easier for him if there were other gay men with similar personalities and interests in the media spotlight.

    I think there is still, to an extent, the stereotype that gay men are effeminate, so having an ultra-macho top class athlete coming out is a little further step in breaking down barriers, and opening up people’s minds.

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