Jason Collins.

So an awful lot of people have been talking about Jason Collins and his recent coming out. Some people have been in support of it whilst some have not.

One post compared him and a soldier and said that the soldier is a hero and that Jason Collins is not. And I understand that; he’s not a hero in the generic sense. He hasn’t saved anyone’s life.

Or has he?

Is there a gay kid in some tiny American town that’s seen the news and thought “If he’s gay and people don’t mind then maybe people won’t mind that I’m gay.” Maybe he’ll put down that razor or those pills and maybe he won’t feel so alone.

I’ve also seen posts where people say he (along with others) shouldn’t feel the need to come out anymore. And I get that. It’d be great if people didn’t assume that everyone is straight and that no-one would be shocked when people came out as gay. But people do assume and people are shocked. And when people are shocked it becomes a taboo and, when it becomes a taboo, people are afraid to come out.

I don’t come out to people because I live differently or because I want attention or special treatment. I come out to people so that I don’t have to awkwardly correct them when they ask if I have a boyfriend and I come out so that I feel like I’m being 100% honest with them. The same way I tell people that my dad’s dead so they don’t ask me what I’m doing for him on father’s day and then get angry when they find out that he’s been dead for 16 years.

Basically, I’m glad he’s come out and some people aren’t. End of.


Skinny Wagg: episode 3.

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Stupid things people (on the radio) say: no. 8 – kinda.

This one has been annoying me for a long time now and I thought it was about time I shared it with you.

So you know how on the radio they have different programmes like “guess the year” or “club classics”? Yeah? Well why is “Drivetime” on at 4?

Heart (the radio station I listen to the most) describe drivetime as “more music variety and the latest travel information on your way home from work or the school run.”

And yes, the school run part is accurate I’ll give them that but there’s nothing more frustrating than being hard at work, less than half way through my shift, and hearing that dreaded word on the radio. Drivetime.

I mean how many people actually have that 9-5 job anymore?

And not only that, drivetime implies that people will simply be driving and listening to the radio and doesn’t actually refer to what they’re doing. A more accurate example would be “eating a cereal bar whilst driving and swearing at the asshole in front of you who just cut you up” time…

And actually they’ll be a lot of people who are listening at home, work and the supermarket and won’t be driving.

Yep, I genuinely just got angry at the name of a radio programme. Sigh.

A question for you all.

Evening everyone!

When I set up this blog I planned to talk about my comedy career (or lack of) but, as the year went on, I found myself posting more and more about my life; including my sexuality, my work and my photos. I’ve even braved topics such as my dad’s death and the things I fear in life.

And, a couple of times, I’ve talked about my dreams. (As in the things I think when I sleep.)

Last night I had a dream that came as a bit of a shock to me. It wasn’t upsetting or distressing or really abstract; it was just a shock. I was with people I knew, having normal conversations and doing day-to-day things but one aspect of it jolted me awake; and there were tears, both happy and sad.

I have been wanting to share with you (my awesome readers) some of these slightly deeper and a lot more personal things but I’m not sure how you’ll take to it.

I considered making a whole new blog to get these emotional rambles out but I don’t think it’d be the same; I don’t think I’ll find this supportive network anywhere else.

Obviously, if I were to start posting those kind of things on here I’d continue to carry on posting songs of the week and photos and reviews (“Hey Wagg, where is that Maxxie review?” “Yeah, it’s coming… Soon…”).

So how does everyone feel about me posting these slightly more experimental things on here? It wouldn’t be frequent but they’d be a lot more compulsive and maybe a little bit less coherent.

Let me know, I look forward to your opinions. 🙂

Song of the week: week 17.

This week I’ve been repeatedly listening to B.o.B’s “So good”.

I think I missed this song the first time round and now I’m making up for lost time! It reached #1 in the UK R&B chart and #7 in the UK single chart.

Even though some parts are too fast for me to understand I love the feel of it and I love the flow of it. The lyrics are clever and kind of cheeky; which I really like!