A few things that are February related.

I expect most of you know I’m useless by now. I can’t stick to deadlines (where is that review of Maxxie I promised a week ago?) and I hardly ever finish a project (why am I not eight stone yet?). So, it was naive of me to think that I could complete a photo every day for February and have it up in February. Instead, you’ll be getting about 8 photos on the 18th of March. (Remind me never to do such a time consuming thing again!)

So here, in no particular order or with any explanations, are a few random photos from February to make up for my uselessness. Forgive me? šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “A few things that are February related.

  1. Mare Gladwell says:

    You’re definitely not useless! I just quit my day job without any clue of what I want to do with my life, all I do is bake and go to the gym (interesting choice of events). I just think you lack a project that you’re truly passionate about. Although you are an awesome writer and an interesting photographer, and I adore your posts. Maybe writing and taking pictures has something to do with your passion?

    Thanks for the visit by the way!


    • waggcomedy says:

      Oooh! Set up a bakery? I reckon that’d be an awesome job! šŸ˜€ Ah thank you! šŸ™‚ Yeah, I really want to write more about my day to day life but I’m not sure how people will react to it… You’re welcome – thanks for having a look around and leaving such a nice comment. šŸ™‚

  2. miaannb says:

    Hahahah…I suck at the whatever-a-day thing too! Although I seem to try to do it fairly regularly…weird…

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