Answers to your questions.

Helloooooooo! Thanks for your questions: here at the answers! 😀 


11 thoughts on “Answers to your questions.

  1. onesinglelie says:

    Come to Canada! We have tootsie pops. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the ‘like’!!

  3. You’re hilarious! Love the accent! I still write 2012 on my tests..

  4. cyniscimisme says:

    You look so great! And you are really expressive! Well, I guess I understood almost the 80% of your words, but… nice interview! Really amazing!

  5. screenwrites says:

    Thank you for following. I have enjoyed reading your earnest and humorous approach to life. I also like the what next? anecdotes.
    Laughable of course but good comedy!

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