Sibling rivalry.


So now what?

Hello everyone!

This post isn’t going to be as comical today as I’m not really feeling too comical.

What do you do when you’ve (albeit foolishly) based the next stage of your life on something and then it doesn’t happen?

What happens when you have a high level of expectation and then you have to come back down from that; slowly walking the long staircase down to the bottom where you started?

Do you stick to what you know or take the hugely scary leap into the unknown? This was the question posed by Kim (in Sugar Rush) but, annoyingly, we didn’t see what she chose. And so how am I expected to make decisions when I don’t know what Kim did? (It’s very important that I observe the mistakes fictional lesbians have made and learn from them in any way possible to avoid repeating such things myself!)

I have a feeling that the rest of this week will involve a lot of soul searching, eating and crying to my manager. Maybe all three at the same time.

So apologies if I seem distant for a bit. Life updates will follow soon.

Have a good week all. 🙂

Song of the week: week 13.

I’m having a bit of a nostalgic week and listening to The Prodigy’s “Thunder”.

I was introduced to this song when a friend suggested we used it in the background of our drama piece. I wasn’t keen on it to begin with but I soon took to it and now I love it; not only for the nostalgia it offers me but because it has such a good beat and, let’s face it, rather simple lyrics that are almost amusing.

Want you to make me feel like I’m the only lez in this church.

Say what?
Where I have been over the past 48 hours? Why has my blog been so inactive?
I’ll tell you why.
Yesterday I travelled to not-so-sunny Brighton (honestly, I never saw it rain that much on Sugar Rush!) to see Heather Peace perform in a church to a room full of lesbians. And, of course, she was amazing!