Jodie Foster’s speech.

I think I’ve left it long enough to talk about this. Or at least I hope I have anyway.

In the week after Foster’s speech I got asked by five different people what I thought of it. I hadn’t seen it and so I made it a priority of mine.

Armed with a box of tissues (I’d heard how emotional it was) I sat down to savour every second. People were right; it did leave me feeling emotional.  But it wasn’t upset or happy; it was a little disappointed and very confused.

Don’t get me wrong I applaud her for coming out. I know how much courage it takes on a small scale let alone when she is in the public eye and is very sought after.

However, did she come out?

I must admit I hadn’t heard of her before her speech (I mean I’d hear the odd mention but I couldn’t tell you who she was or what she did. And yes, I am aware at how controversial that is but it’s the truth.) and so I didn’t know that her sexuality has been raised in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s been mentioned and hinted at but never really confirmed.

What disappointed me was that I couldn’t help but feel that she boasted a lot about her lifestyle and her career and how many things she’s achieved. I completely understand that she’s proud and quite rightly so but I felt that some of her speech dragged on and tended to focus on that a bit too much.

Then I felt confused. She built up to a big coming out and then announced “…I’m single!”

I understand that was done for humour purposes and that it was one of those times when people know what she means even though she didn’t say it but why didn’t she say it?

From what I can tell her sexuality is already widely accepted so why did she feel the need not to address it head on?

Her humorous approach was clever and well-timed but I can’t help but think she was backing out a little…

Regardless of my opinion I think what she did was very brave and is a huge positive step forward for her and for the LGBTQ community.


10 thoughts on “Jodie Foster’s speech.

  1. I don’t think many were surprised by her speech. But, coming out in public is a brave thing to do!

  2. I honestly thought she came out years ago? I had no idea this was speculative. Youtube’d the speech after I read this and actually did quite enjoy it though.

  3. cedricheights says:

    If i’m thinking of the same speech(the golden globes 2013 one) then i don’t think she was coming out, it was simple her publicly acknowledging her sexuality where as she had never really hid it before, she just treated it like any straight celebrity does. Which i think is great, i don’t like the phrase coming out anyway 🙂

  4. lizelth says:

    I cannot judge another on how, when, where, or why they choose to come out. I might think that I might have done it differently, but honestly, I truly do not know their circumstances enough to make that judgement. I am thankful that she did what she did.

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