What you can expect from me.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m really excited about the reviews I’m going to be doing over the next month.

Firstly, I’m going to tackle all three generations of Skins characters; one series at a time.

I’ll be focusing on the lives of Maxxie, Emily and Naomi and, finally, Frankie.

I’ve just started re-watching series 1 and 2, for Maxxie, and so that review should be coming up fairly soon.

I’m also going to sit myself down and review “But I’m a cheerleader” at some point. That one will take a lot of tissues and ice cream so I’ll leave it for when I have three hours to sob!

Lastly, at the end of this month (which is growing ever closer) I’ll be completing my “a picture for every day of February”. I’ve been snapping away but haven’t had the chance to upload it so I’ll do that all in one big chunk for your enjoyment.

I’ve also got a piece about straight crushes coming up so keep an eye open for that too.

Have a good day folks. 🙂


Song of the week: week 9.

This week I’ve gone a bit old school with this week’s song. I’ve chosen “This Kiss” by Faith Hill.

Released in 1998, it reached #1 in the US and Canadian charts and the top 20 in the UK.

I love it because it’s such a simple song but it’s done so well. It doesn’t fuss with gratuitous information it just focuses on a kiss and I love that. It’s also one of those feel good songs that you can belt out in your car and I can honestly say I always do when I hear it!

My Tegan and Sara story.

I was 14 when I discovered Tegan and Sara. I was watching a video on YouTube about “how to tell if you’re a lesbian” (yeah, I know…) and someone referenced them. I remember frantically looking them up but not really getting them or their music. (I’ve found the video where I first discovered them, it brings back so many memories! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25WMe-FJXAE )

As I wasn’t out and didn’t have any gay friends (that I knew about) I didn’t really have an awful lot of exposure to them in the following few years.

I guess I started to look them up and listen to their music around the age of 16. I already knew a couple of their songs but my world stood still the first time I heard “Dark come soon”. I cried (of course) and listened to it non-stop for about a week. I instantly related it to my life and began listening to them more and more.

I really became interested (some might say obsessed…) in them when I was around 17 and had my first girlfriend. As the relationship started, continued and ended I had Tegan and Sara’s songs ringing in my head. From “I know I know I know” to “Back in your head” and finally “Soil, soil”.

I lost them a little bit with Sainthood but continued to support them and jumped at the chance of seeing them when they came to the UK in 2012.

We first booked tickets to see them at the 02 Arena in London and then saw they were doing a smaller, headlining gig in Bristol.

I parked my car in a car park that backed onto the back of the 02 Academy in Bristol. Me and my friend were walking down the stairs when Tegan and Sara got out of a small car and walked into the venue, literally feet away from us. Despite clutching my camera I took no pictures and despite having perfectly functioning vocal cords I said nothing. I had missed my opportunity to meet them and I have regretted it ever since.

The rest of the Bristol gig was phenomenal but slightly tainted by my stupidity in not saying something to them.

I was immensely proud seeing them perform in London, even though the venue had a different feel and the gig was a lot less intimate. As they were supporting The Killers the majority of the audience were not there to see them but it was a great show regardless.

And then, less than a month ago, Heartthrob was released and my obsession for them was fuelled once more.

Jodie Foster’s speech.

I think I’ve left it long enough to talk about this. Or at least I hope I have anyway.

In the week after Foster’s speech I got asked by five different people what I thought of it. I hadn’t seen it and so I made it a priority of mine.

Armed with a box of tissues (I’d heard how emotional it was) I sat down to savour every second. People were right; it did leave me feeling emotional.  But it wasn’t upset or happy; it was a little disappointed and very confused.

Don’t get me wrong I applaud her for coming out. I know how much courage it takes on a small scale let alone when she is in the public eye and is very sought after.

However, did she come out?

I must admit I hadn’t heard of her before her speech (I mean I’d hear the odd mention but I couldn’t tell you who she was or what she did. And yes, I am aware at how controversial that is but it’s the truth.) and so I didn’t know that her sexuality has been raised in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s been mentioned and hinted at but never really confirmed.

What disappointed me was that I couldn’t help but feel that she boasted a lot about her lifestyle and her career and how many things she’s achieved. I completely understand that she’s proud and quite rightly so but I felt that some of her speech dragged on and tended to focus on that a bit too much.

Then I felt confused. She built up to a big coming out and then announced “…I’m single!”

I understand that was done for humour purposes and that it was one of those times when people know what she means even though she didn’t say it but why didn’t she say it?

From what I can tell her sexuality is already widely accepted so why did she feel the need not to address it head on?

Her humorous approach was clever and well-timed but I can’t help but think she was backing out a little…

Regardless of my opinion I think what she did was very brave and is a huge positive step forward for her and for the LGBTQ community.

Song of the week: week 8.

This week I am addicted to The Lumineers’ “Ho hey”. I am a little bit late on the uptake of this song but I’m glad that I’ve started listening to it. I first heard it at work and didn’t like it but now it’s simplistic music and adorable lyrics are just too hard to resist! I can see it being a big summer track for me!