I’m Little Miss Grumpy.

Today I was going to write a blog about something topical but I’ve decided to leave that until it’s less topical – there’s nothing worse than getting wrapped up in the spur of the moment and writing something I’ll regret so…

Instead I’m going to talk about expectations; high expectations, low expectations and very, very wrong expectations.

I recently watched a programme I’d been looking forward to for a long time. The beginning seemed promising and there were flickers of the programme I thought it was going to be but that was it; tiny flickers that didn’t reflect the original trailers.  Overall, it was dull, dark and depressing.

I am, by default, a negative person. I try and think positively but I always assume the worst; she hasn’t replied to my text (SHE MUST HATE ME!), mum’s been a long time at the shops (SHE HAS DIED ON THE WAY HOME!), I don’t think I’m going to pass my fitness test (I ALWAYS BE FAT AND DIE ALONE!).

Some people think that this kind of mind set is damaging but I think it’s the opposite. If I assume the worst then when it isn’t that it kind of makes it better? I mean there’s nothing worse than building your hopes up and getting disappointed but if your hopes weren’t there in the first place then you haven’t lost anything.

This ties into what I originally wanted to post so bear that in mind when I rant.

Have a good day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m Little Miss Grumpy.

  1. Being negative is really bad if you think “Nothing good can happen, so I might as well give up now”. In fact you could get negative about it: it will make everything DREADFUL and it is all my fault!!!

    Thank you for the follow. Please, comment! Dialogue is what makes this hobby worthwhile, and what my intense confessionals really need. I will comment back.

    Have fun in the snow.

    • waggcomedy says:

      That’s true – I think I’m just naturally quite negative! 🙂
      You’re welcome – I thought I’d followed you a long time ago as I read quite a few of your posts.
      Thank you; I definitely will!

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