The end of a, granted, pretty short era.

So it’s been confirmed; Lip Service wont be back for a third series.

Why am I so upset about this?

Well there are a couple of reasons…

Firstly, I connected with the characters. No, I don’t live in Glasgow and no, my life is nothing like theirs were but there were elements of their personality that I could relate to.

Secondly, it was something different. Yes, they had generic story lines too but killing off a main character so early on in the second series? Did anyone see that coming? (I still cringe/tense up when I watch that scene!)

Thirdly, with some pretty well known actresses such as Heather Peace and Anna Skellern, it became less of a programme about lesbians and more of a programme about well life. Whilst some people argued that the story lines were unrealistic and stereotypical it did show, in it’s most raw form, different lives of different people who happened to be lesbians.

I’ve decided that Lip Service will be the next programme I review so that’ll be up in the next few days if I can see through this mist of tears by then. Just kidding, I’m not crying. Just kidding, I definitely am.


2 thoughts on “The end of a, granted, pretty short era.

  1. Yea I hate when that happens. My hubby felt like that when the show Homicide was cancelled. Even though that was years ago, he still talks about it. He is one that does not give up his grudge against the tv networks very easily.

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