When I started thinking about doing these reviews I completely forgot the YouTube community. With its endless sea of LGBTQ videos it should have been an obvious choice but somehow I overlooked it.

I’m going to review channels that offer advice and are prominent in the community; whether they are run by a group of people or an individual. I’ll also be briefly touching upon other influential gay, bi and trans YouTubers. I’ll pop all the links to their channels at the end.

I have a feeling this going to be a long one – let’s get started!

Lesbian YouTube channels:

The Beaver Bunch:

This channel has always been a firm favourite of mine. Originally consisting of Jess, Tina, AJ, Michelle and Lou, the Beaver Bunch has been running since 2008. It was later joined by Lori who took over the Tuesday spot and Kade who became the new face of Friday.

These five Americans each have a very different take on sexuality and gender topics as they are all wonderfully unique. Kade offers an insight into trans life as he is a trans man and seeing him happy and successful makes him a great role model.

Over the past 4 years they have covered every topic imaginable from coming out, to sex, to relationship age gaps to religious conversion therapy.

I have always found their videos to be light hearted yet informative and sometimes very emotional.

The only downside to having been around for so long is that occasionally topics are repeated and I felt, for a while, that the channel needed a boost.

I can honestly say that it has happened and they are back on full form again tackling questions about marriage, self respect and hasbians.

Long may The Beaver Bunch reign.

Lesbian answers:

This channel is run by music enthusiast Jenna-Anne promises to “be the lesbian giving you the answers”. And that it does.

Since 2010 Jenna has totted up an impressive 8,257,149 video views and has a following of over 60,000 subscribers.

Her honest, heart warming videos about the emotional side of a lesbian relationship and being who you are hit the nail on the head.

Her videos answer questions sent in by lesbians from around the world and have tended, especially in recent months, to focus on the less talked about subjects and subjects that are denser and more emotionally grounded.

Her channel, which is interjected by the odd hilarious video, is definitely worth a look!

Ask AJ anything:

AJ (who is also Wednesday on The Beaver Bunch) offers no nonsense advice and tips.

From her witty musings on a must have break up kit to her reviews of The Real L Word and her hair styling etiquette she epitomises what a great YouTuber should be.

Gay (male) Youtube channels:


The channel name says it all really…

Unfortunately, I only discovered this channel on its final week but, fortunately, their old videos from the past 4 years are all still there for our viewing pleasure.

What I love about this channel is the diversity; not only in the people but the topics. This channel depicts the real lives of men who just happen to like other men. It’s down to earth, funny and useful: what more could you want?

Queer and Trans YouTube channels:

Baby Beaver Bunch:

This channel is run by lesbian and trans youth who answer questions and give advice. There have been a lot of changes to the channel – especially with who posts videos – but I’ve always found their content to be consistent and enjoyable.

What I like most about this channel is that it is run by young people. It’s all well and good being told that things get better by a 45 year old who is settled and happy but there is nothing quite like having someone who understands what you’re going through because they themselves are currently going through it too.

The success of this channel is evident with over 1 million video views in the past 3 years. Long may it continue in the same vain!

The Trans Youth Channel:

This channel features 7 lovely transsexual women who give their opinions on a different topic each week. It is one of the newer trans channels having only been around for a year but has already established a sound following of over 2 thousand subscribers.

The women are all at different stages of transitioning which makes this channel really interesting as it follows the progress of these 7 women’s lives.

Topics discussed include race and religion, bullying and trans rights as well as the usual topics of gender reassignment surgery, relationships and coming out.


This channel features a whole line up of handsome trans men sharing their experiences and tackling topics. The channel is nearing its first full year on YouTube and will soon reach the milestone of 200,00 video views.

This channel explores more controversial topics and the guys are more than happy to share their own personal experiences as well as fears and aspirations which makes this such a great channel.

Some of them have been on T for months and some years. Other want surgery while some haven’t made their minds up yet. The sheer range of opinions and backgrounds makes every single one of their videos just as enjoyable as the last.


I’ve watched this channel since the beginning which was, rather unbelievably, 4 years ago. Other the past 4 years the layout has changed as had the people who contribute videos but the message has stayed the same.

Despite no new videos appearing on the channel for a year I am always drawn back to it to re-watch ones from my favourite hosts such as Chris, Leah and Mara (I think that’s how you spell it).

The videos were always hilarious, informative and, most importantly, about real people and real life. The hosts were honest and there was a real sense of community. Check them out!


This channel is run by the lovely Linzi. Over the past 4 years it has had over 600,000 video views.

Linzi is spunky, funny and down to earth and open. Her videos track her coming out experience, relationships and her opinions on gender, sexuality and body image.

I’ve been watching her since the very beginning and highly recommend her channel.



So there you have it! Some of my favourite LGBTQ YouTube channels.

Other notable LGBTQ YouTubers include Hannah Hart (MyHarto) , Arielle (ArielleIsHamming), Tabloid Junk (Tabloid Junk), Tyler Oakley (tyleroakley) and Davey Wavey (wickydkewl).

As promised here are the links to the mentioned channels, enjoy!

The Beaver Bunch:

Lesbian Answers:

Ask AJ anything:


Baby Beaver Bunch:

The Trans Youth Channel:




















  1. Great post but you missed out davey wavey and ariel scarella

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