Bye world, you’ve been mediocre.

So the world is going to end tomorrow.

There are a few things that bothers me about that:

 – I’m busy tomorrow night.

 – I’ve spent a crazy amount of money on Christmas presents that no-one will know about.

 – Kelly Clarkson hasn’t proposed to me yet (and, obviously, that was in the pipeline!).

 – I haven’t done any of the things on my list of 50 things to do before I die (I should blog about that. Oh wait the world is going to end tomorrow and I won’t have enough time before that. Sorry…).

 – I haven’t got married, had kids, got divorced and lived in a cottage with 15 cats.

If you’re hoping that I’m about to make some sentimental declaration then I’m afraid you’re about to be disappointed. And the reason for this is that the world isn’t going to end tomorrow and I don’t want to be left picking up the pieces of the sickeningly romantic gestures that I’d made on a mad whim. On top of that, if everyone dies tomorrow then no-one will be around to appreciate my efforts and I don’t see the girl from the shop dying happy knowing that I stare at her whenever I go in there.

A friend of mine once said how unrealistic it would be to go around telling everyone how you feel about them everyday. And I agree! Once in a while it’s nice to hear how much people care about you but everyday would make me feel as though they didn’t really mean it.

Does this end of the world nonsense make me appreciate life more?

No because I think I appreciate life enough as it is.

I’m not about to have some sort of Scrooge-a-like life turn around and run down my street embracing my neighbours and giving all my crisps to people that I once hated. (My crisps are very important to me and not just anyone will be offered some!)

The truth is regardless of whether the world does end tomorrow or not we will never know and everything we have ever done, said or felt will be buried with our bodies. Morbid or just factual?

If we’re still alive next week I’ll finally be putting my Lost and delirious review up and if we’re not I won’t. Happy end of the world/happy generic Friday.



9 thoughts on “Bye world, you’ve been mediocre.

  1. Lee A Jackson says:

    Brilliant observations, loved it! Hold on to those crisps! 🙂

  2. I’m with you. Someone at work mentioned it last week, and I said, “Good, I’m off that day. I’ll be sure to do something fun.” I don’t know how people take some of this stuff seriously. In any case, my plan is out to lunch for Chinese with the family, then the rest of the day lounging in bed with my dogs, a glass of wine and a good book.

  3. jaded says:

    Happy generic Friday! It’s Saturday in Australia and we’re still here. 🙂

  4. Jun Song says:

    Glad it didn’t end so I could read this! Haha thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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