I’m not a celebrity get me outside!

This isn’t actually a blog about I’m a celeb (although I have a lot to say about it, so I might do a blog on it). It’s about how I haven’t really been out and about much. I mean I’ve been outside; I even cycled to work today (oh yes, this time I’m being serious about my weight loss!). But I’m not spending as much time outside taking photos as I did a month or two again. Is this because the novelty of the camera has worn off? No I don’t think so, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to taking photos and I love finding out what my camera can do. Is it because of the weather? Yes, probably.

So here’s my question to you. What should I do to get inspired? Go somewhere different? Pick a theme and photograph it or go for a walk and take my camera along? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


8 thoughts on “I’m not a celebrity get me outside!

  1. orbphotog says:

    Pick a theme and go on a quest. You’ll be on your own treasure hunt!

  2. I’m no great shakes with a camera – I’m impatient and Faaar too scatty to set up a good shot, but I enjoy getting out and about. I like your idea of going on a walk and taking pics, or how about joining one of the photo challenge blogs that give you a theme each week?

    Happy snapping – I hope this helps 🙂

  3. have a look at PoppyTump@ Number 4 – she’s always hunting our new and interesting snaps to do challenges: http://poppytump.wordpress.com 🙂

  4. Anja says:

    For me the best thing to do is just to pick my camera and go for a walk in a park or through the city. =) But you should find out what works best for you and it depends what kind of photos do you prefer to take.

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