I got married. (In my dream)

Yes, a few nights ago I had a dream where I got married. I’ve had similar dreams but something was distinctly different about this one.

For starters, I wasn’t marrying a woman who I knew and had been lusting after in the waking away for years. The woman I married was one that I have never met before and, to be frank, wasn’t really my type of woman. She was bigger and bolder than what I normally go for and looking back on it I struggle to see how there was any chemistry.

But there was.

We had an American themed wedding, as she was American; complete with taxis ferrying us to and from the venue and a huge buffet laid on with traditional English favourites and American luxuries.

We had our reception at a lovely manor house with acres of land and a permanent source of sun. I’d guess it was summer because all of our guests (who I remember interacting with quite clearly) were dressed in short dresses and casual shirts. There weren’t any massive fleecy jumpers and wooly scarves.

We then traveled to our evening party in a lovely yellow taxi.

She looked stunning in her blue dress and I was suitably suited and booted in a matching blue outfit.

The taxi journey to our party was the bit that stood out the most to me. I kissed her on the side of the head and we sat and grinned, taking our day in.

Once awake, it finally occurred to me that maybe I should broaden my horizons and stop looking for the same type of women in the same type of places. Maybe I’m missing out on someone because I’ve narrowed my search down so much.

As I’ve said before, I believe dreams are there to give you an indication on what you should be doing or thinking about when you’re awake and I think this was a subtle way for my brain to say “Hey, get out there a bit more and who knows you could be getting married in a few years…”

I’ve always enjoyed the thought that one day I’ll get married to the woman of my dreams and now that seems even more prominent.


2 thoughts on “I got married. (In my dream)

  1. bearnerdette says:

    I read once that we can not come up with new people in our dreams, but that our brains re-use faces we’ve seen at least once. So you have met her before. 😉

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