I want the love they’ve got.

Recently, me and my boy (not my boyfriend, let’s be clear. And not my son either, I had a rather troubling dream last night about looking after a child so I’m clearly not fit for motherhood.) went to see The Killers at the 02 Arena. Well we went to see Tegan and Sara but it was mainly a Killers gig so…


A little while after we got there a woman turned up and sat a space down from me. We had a brief chat and then she started to read her book. I instantly thought how cute this was; she had come to a gig by herself and was now reading.

I would say she was in her 30s with long brown hair. She looked nerdy but in a really sweet way not in a showing off kind of way.

About half an hour later a man appeared and she screamed his name and flung her arms around him. He kissed her on the cheek and they sat down and started chatting.

Me and my friend came to the conclusion that they were old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a while because of the way that she seemed so thrilled to see him.

However, I overheard the fact that they were married and noticed them holding hands. I was surprised to say the least as I had originally thought that they were just friends.

When The Killers really got going they stood up and waved their arms around and danced like they were the only people in the room. I admired that because nearly everyone else was dancing in the same way; leg jolting, hands punching in the air. But they were swaying and turning at the hips as if it was their own private concert in their living room.

Then the sweetest thing happened.

The man sat down, clearly shattered from his rave, and watched his wife as she danced. She couldn’t see this but he was just smiling, grinning even and you could tell he was so proud and just thinking “That’s my wife.”

So why have I told you this? Well for a multitude of reasons really. The first is because it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I feared that I might have been forgotten a bit and I feel like I’ve abandoned you. Secondly because that’s what I want out of life. That is how I want to be. I want to be so comfortable with someone so I can thrash my arms around and sing out of tune and shake my head and look like a complete idiot and know that someone, somewhere is proud that I’m their wife. I want to have a relationship where I am excited to see my partner and where the love is obvious. Not in your face, overly affectionate kind of obvious but “wow those two are made for each other” kind of obvious. I want that so badly. I want the love they’ve got.


7 thoughts on “I want the love they’ve got.

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my site – feel free to follow me in my challenge over the next few months

  2. We all want that, I think. Don’t settle and you will find it.

  3. leahwise says:

    That story is beautiful! – Leah

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