Early start for nothing.

After a horrendous nights sleep I woke early for one reason and one reason only. It was not because I had been sweating all night and woke and wondered whether I had wet myself in my sleep. Nor was it because I could hear my cats crashing around downstairs. It wasn’t even so I go out and complete my Christmas shopping. I woke up early for a man. Not just any man either, a plumber.

This is me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a glorious nights sleep.

Earlier this week I had arranged with (errrrm let’s call him P (for plumber)) P to come to my house today at 10. Reasonable. Of course my mother being the house proud woman that she is, took it upon herself to completely tidy the entire house for his arrival even though he would only see the bathroom as he was working on our shower. I, being the wonderful daughter that I am, said I would help. I quickly showered and rushed downstairs.

The house was pristine.






And finally 13:00 when I gave up. (I didn’t actually put this note on the door because I’m not like that. It’s just to prove a point really. And it lets me get my anger out in a fun but harmless way.)

I understand he might have been held up somewhere else or something might have happened to him. I get that, I’m a decent person. But has he never heard of a phone? I’m pretty sure he has one practically glued to him at all times.

Then I went out.

I returned to find his business card on my doormat. No phone call and apologetic message. No note on the card even.

Well thank you. Day ruined.


10 thoughts on “Early start for nothing.

  1. poppytump says:

    Cross him off your christmas card list . NOW.

  2. Hi there! Hope you and the cats are all fine (remember my post from a couple months back about our cats and kitty chaos? They are all fine, btw) Hope all is well with you…just wanted to let you know I’ve moved my site to a new address: http://www.theorderexpert.com in case you were wondering where I went 🙂 Rashelle

  3. Heather says:

    so annoying…some people are very inconsiderate!

  4. As a new found woman who will not tolerate disrespect for my person or any other person within my field of interest, trust it to say I would not take it personally nor give him a second chance and would look elsewhere . If they were a friend however, I would give them some benefit of the doubt and speak to them about it to keep the friendship on equal terms.

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