I hate Halloween.

There I’ve said it.

Just before you think I’m a horrible person I love Christmas and Easter. But I also hate birthdays – specifically my own. Sorry.

When I was 7or 8 (the last time I ever felt positively about Halloween) you had two costume choices: witch or vampire. I used to don my black bin bag and fake wig and politely ask my neighbours for sweets.

What I did not do was egg every house down the street. I know not every kid does this but having been a victim of an egg attack I tend to generalise.

Another thing that annoys me about Halloween is the commercialisation of it all. Every big supermarket has aisles dedicated to it from September onwards and people start covering their houses in a network of webs for me to innocently walk in to.

I am aware that this post seems unnecessarily angry but I just can’t stand Halloween.

Maybe I’m getting grumpy as I get older.


13 thoughts on “I hate Halloween.

  1. I’m right there with you on Halloween. (And my birthday too.) I’m enjoying the night Halloween free for the first time in years. Let’s unite all those against ridiculously commercial and nonsensical holidays!

  2. If I was writing this, I’d take out the egg part and replace any mention of Hallowe’en with Christmas. That’s how I feel about Christmas anyway.

  3. Thanks for liking my post about Japanese Western food, waggcomedy! Have you seen those huge blenders of ice cream before?
    As a kid, Halloween (rather, the sweets) were good, but nothing else. The same continues, but I’d much rather be in a candy aisle at a Sainsbury’s or Tesco than in those in the US…

    • waggcomedy says:

      No I haven’t. Gotta admit I love a bit of ice cream! πŸ˜€ Yeah that’s true! Thankfully the hype isn’t too much over here plus I still find myself indulging in pointless Halloween themed sweets… πŸ™‚

  4. Personally, I love Halloween. I don’t like the egging thing, though I haven’t seen much of that here in recent years. But I enjoy it because although you see all the decorations and candy in the store, there is not all the expectation that you MUST do anything to celebrate it. I feel like you do about Christmas. I used to love it, but it has become so commercial. they start putting out xmas stuff months ahead of time, then all the pressure to shop and send cards, decorate, etc. It went from being a joyous thing, to this huge list of things to do. I went from loving it to dreading it. So I dropped out. I spent a year without xmas. And it was lovely. I enjoyed everyone else’s outdoor lights, and the music on the radio. I didn’t decorate, or cook or shop. (My daughter was overseas, so the gifts were deferred till she came home anyway.) It was liberating. Now that I cut the cord, I can go back to liking the holiday again, because I don’t feel compelled to do any of those things society had programmed me into doing.

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