It’s Monday.

It really is.

And with Monday comes a whole lot of regret, nausea and hiccups.

The above three all relate to the mass amount of junk food that I ate last night. I’m not particularly happy I did it but then I’m not particularly happy.

Last night I had a dream. Another dream. I feel like I am forever having dreams.

I was back at school, life was good. Well elements of my life were good. My friends were there and bar one we were all getting on fine (the friend that wasn’t happy was worrying about some work and was getting frustrated with my lack of patience).

Then the bombshell hit. In my dream I had to make a very conscious decision. There’s no grey area about it I deliberately made myself dream it and I deliberately, consciously, chose the outcome. And for a time in my dream it made sense.

But when I woke up it didn’t.

There’s a huge gap between dream and reality but is there also a crossover? Obviously my thoughts, feelings and experiences influence my dreams but to what degree? And why do I chose that dream on that night in that week during that month?

Regardless of the choice I made in that dream I wake to find that I didn’t really make that choice at all and that it is still very much up to me to decide, in my life awake, what I want to do.

I’m going to chose change. I’m going to lose the weight, ask that girl for a drink and dress like a complete randomer all because I can. All because I want to.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, this time I’m actually going to change.

So the next time in my dream I am forced to make a decision I think it’ll be the right one. It’ll be the one that supports all the changes I plan to make and it’ll be beneficial to me. Maybe it’s even time to be a bit selfish. Put myself first and let others figure things out for themselves. Ignorantly, I’ve done my part and now let’s see what you can do. Come back and tell me how you got on and I’ll return the gesture.


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