Drafting on a Friday afternoon.

Considering how little sleep I’ve had it’s more like drifting if I’m honest…

Today I began my first draft of the dreaded post. It’s weird because I’m not normally so fussed about how my writing comes across because I figure if people follow my blog and like my posts then they’re enjoying what I write but suddenly I feel the need to perfect this post. I want it to be as clear on here as it is in my head and that’s hard, even for someone who tends to verbalise things quite well. I don’t want to use cliches to explain what I feel and I’m struggling to find a way for it to make sense to you guys. I can bet you that you’ll read the post and think “Well what was all that fuss about? This makes perfect sense! And it’s hardly a topic that people would shy away from!” And that’s true. It’s a topic that I have no problems talking about but often don’t know how to write down. This is a another reason why I shall soon be starting to make a scrapbook (if it ever arrives – I ordered it ages ago!). I like the idea of just putting snippets of what I mean and what I feel down on paper and building a bigger picture from that.

I’m sure that was meant to be more than one paragraph but oh well. It’ll have to do as one big chunk.


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