Sleep deprivation and good intentions.

I had planned, as some of you will know, to write a post about something that happened a couple of days ago. I still plan to write that but I’m struggling even more on how to word it. It’s a sensitive topic and I want to make sure that I write about it properly so that my meaning is conveyed accurately.

Until I feel ready to do that I shall upload a new post probably every three days and I should hopefully get that big post done in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

On to today’s topic!

I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep recently. That’s probably because I haven’t been getting much! First I was excited about meeting Clare Balding (picture at the end of this post) and then my cat went missing which meant I barely sleep at all over the weekend.

That is not like me and my body is not reacting well to the lack of sleep at all.

I feel constantly sleepy, run down and strangely hungry and I feel like it’s starting to have an effect on me.

Get some more sleep I hear you say and I’d love to but there are a couple of things holding me back. Work is one. When I get home from work at 9ish I feel awake. I don’t think I could go straight to bed after work because I feel so alert. The house. I’m expected (and quite rightly!) to do things around the house to help my mum out. I don’t object to doing these things as I understand how hard she has to work and so I like helping her a bit with that. But the only problem I have is that when I get up to do things the cats are very lively and don’t tend to abide by my napping needs by being quiet. (As I write this I can hear an angry cat growling away somewhere in the house…)

I read somewhere recently that you can’t make up on the sleep you’ve lost so that each new night is a clean slate but I can’t seem to believe that and so I keep trying to sleep more so that I catch up on what sleep I haven’t had.

I don’t have a problem getting off to sleep (usually) but more often than not I find myself not having the time or opportunity to sleep. That’s an awful excuse really but it’s true.

Anyway I’m off for a nap. Hope you guys all have a good day and an even better sleep. 😀



8 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation and good intentions.

  1. I’ve heard you can’t make up for lost sleep either…but when I am tired, there is no telling my body that!

  2. foodisready says:

    this is jet-lag me speaking and yes, it’s true one can’t catch up on lost sleep 😦

  3. nurulthecook says:

    I’m a permanent insomniac due to my over-active thyroid. I know how you feel. I seem to make up on sleep every 3-4 days. Then I can sleep 7-8 hours instead of the usual 4-6!

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