One step at a time.

Right now I’ve got a lot on my mind.

I feel like I’m mentally ticking things off in my mind until, hopefully, everything has been done and I can finally relax. But I worry that once it’s all been done I’ll still not feel settled.

I’ve already done pride and today sees the makeover of my room (a new shelf is being added) and the painting of the kitchen. This is good because it will create more room for my junk and my mum will be happier because our kitchen will no longer be migraine inducing yellow.

Then in the next month there is time off to arrange, tickets to book and parties to attend. You might think that the latter shouldn’t actually belong on that list because it is enjoyable. I agree. But, whilst I agree, I also feel it necessary to point out that I am socially awkward. Honestly, I completely panic in social situations. Yes I cover it up well, granted, but even so underneath my calm exterior I am trying so hard to act even remotely cool.

On top of these one off type things I have to organise/attend I have on going things to think about. Work, weight and women. My three least favourite w words. No, I’m just kidding but worrying about those three do put a big strain on me.

I enjoy my work and the people I work with but I am always worried about my future career and how my life will turn out. I like women and have no problem talking to them etc but… Well there are so many women related worries I don’t know where to begin. (I might have to do an entire post just on that!) And when I combine all those worries I eat. Which leads to my third worry; weight. I am constantly fluctuating with no chance of settling for a happy medium in sight.

On top of all of this WordPress has not been behaving for me recently (hence my lack of posts) so I am ploughing my way through technical advice to make sure that I don’t have this much time away from it again!

All in all it’s been a stressful start to September but I’m secretly looking forward to what happens next. At least life isn’t boring.


4 thoughts on “One step at a time.

  1. Socially akward and weight obsession? Oh, well, you remind me of myself n.n

  2. Bill says:

    Can relate to all (but in a much older and much more boring kind of way). We even used to have a yellow kitchen before we remodeled a few years ago…

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