A new accademic year.

A whole year. It’s been a whole year since I started my job.

I remember my first day. I was dreadfully excited and sick with worry. I knew no-one. I knew nothing about the job and I had no idea what was to come.

It has probably been one of the best years of my life. No, I haven’t always thought that as it has been hard as well but looking back I can say with all honesty that I’ve really enjoyed it.

It’s also been a year since I waved goodbye to a lot of my friends who are now at uni. I remember the awful nights feeling so alone here without a lot of my closest friends. This is still something that hits me every so often when it’s late and I want someone to rant to.

A lot can change in a year and I cannot begin to guess at what will happen this year. Will I leave my job? Will I finally get into the police? Will I meet a girl and get into a relationship? Will I get another cat or lose a tooth in a fight or become a vegan? I don’t know.

I eagerly await this year.

I’m not a big fan of change but this last year has taught me a lot. It has taught me that I can be independent and it’s taught me who I value and what I value about them. A friend of mine once told me that sometimes I need to be a team by myself and that anyone else was just an extra. In many ways she was right.

She was right because often I have to make decisions that I am solely responsible for. She was also right because only I have my best intentions in mind and because people will drift in and out of my life but I will always be the constant.

She is also slightly wrong. As many cultures believe it takes a village to raise a person. I strongly agree with that. I wouldn’t be who I am without the people around me regardless of how long they’ve been in my life and whether or not their impact on me was positive or negative.

This year is yet another chance for me to get some stuff right but even more stuff wrong. It’s a chance for late night conversations about the universe, early morning gym sessions and lunch time feasts in the company of friends. It’s also an opportunity for sleepless nights crying whilst watching Bridget Jones and eating stale chocolate brownies. And an opportunity for awkward texts and apologies.

I am a firm believer that the new year begins at the start of an academic term. This is what I was always taught when I returned to school in September. I don’t think a new year begins in January as nothing has really changed from the day before.

A new academic year. Can’t wait.


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