Restore me. Restore me to my younger, better self.

This is not about me wanting to return to when I was 11. When I was a nice size and when I felt energetic. (Although if I could return to that time I’d certainly cut down on the chip butties, crisps and the morning Twirl bar…)

I’m talking about my laptop.

My useless, useless laptop.

Yes, I know I’m lucky to have one but the way it’s functioning these days it is almost not worth having it.

The past few days I haven’t been able to connect to the internet and today I contacted Dell. I typed in my express service code and was informed that if I was having problems with the internet I should restore my laptop to the last time that the internet worked. And it worked.

But how?

I literally have no idea how it’s possible.

I’m amazed.


6 thoughts on “Restore me. Restore me to my younger, better self.

  1. Undo, undo, undo… 🙂 Glad you are up and running… thanks for stopping by!

  2. LOL! sometimes i’m even more confused when things suddenly work than when they didn’t 😉

  3. beetleypete says:

    I did that with an old Dell laptop. It was as if time travel had suddenly become possible!
    Regards, Pete.

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