Scrap that. No, literally.

Scrap the diary idea. I’m going to start making a scrapbook. Yeah, I know. I’m not an artistic or creative person so this could be interesting but I am fed up of train tickets, receipts and Kit Kat wrappers falling out of my packed diary left, right and centre.

So I’ve changed tact and, as of tomorrow, I will be a proud owner of a scrapbook.

But what does one put in a scrapbook? How regular does it have to be? Do I have to annotate stuff or can I just stick it in and scribble the date next to it? Do I have to write large passages or is that taboo? Does it have to look pretty or can it just be bland and straight to the point like me?

What kind of scrapbook should I get? What types are there? I’m thinking something with a hard cover and thick, absorbent paper so I can glue till my hearts content.

I know it’s for me and that I shouldn’t be worried about how it looks but I’m pretty fanatical about my diary as it let alone something as personal as a scrapbook.

Do I want one that says “scrapbook” on the front or one with flowers or stripes or a block of colour? Am I going to decorate the front or is it completely pointless?

I know all these questions seem stupid but my diaries mean a lot to me. I’m a very expressive person and so I take pride in how I express myself. Even if no-one else ever sees my diaries and scrapbooks I want to know they’ve been done properly.

And what if someone were to see them? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am considering publishing little annotated segments of my diary and some of my old poems. And I’ve also promised a friend of mine from school that when I die she can have my diaries and publish them in their entirety. Or what if a grandchild of mine stumbles upon them and I have to explain to them why it all looks so rushed.

I’ve had a look for some online. One promises to be able to contain my whole life. My whole life in a book? Now that’s a scary thought. It boasts a section where I can write about my education, employment and even a section reserved for a list of things I want to do before I die. But do I really want it to be that structured? Do I want to feel like I’m filling out a job application detailing my every move of the last 19 years?

I think I’m going to have to shop around though I’m concerned I’ll find it hard to settle on one.

I want one that will last me at least a year and promises some form of structure but, as I’m a complete novice, I don’t know where to start.



8 thoughts on “Scrap that. No, literally.

  1. rachcortes says:

    The best thing about a scrapbook is that you can do it as you like πŸ™‚ adding all the information you want. I have one for my trips and it’s great to read it some time later, the places I visited or stupid phrases I or my friends said… πŸ™‚

  2. Jack says:


  3. Sara says:

    Smashbook. It’s like an old school scrapbook that you used in elementary school, but updated. You literally take all those tickets, etc and stick them in!

  4. rachcortes said it best — “do it as you like”. I was going to suggest an art journal (you do NOT suck at art! beauty is in the eye of the beholder…), but the Smashbook might be great to get your feet wet. Then you can move over to art journaling. For that, you just need a good sturdy journal, preferably with “mixed media” or “watercolor” paper — an indication that the pages will be able to stand up to adhesives and other wet media (paint, watercolor crayons, etc.). I started of scrapbooking and then moved to art journaling because I could make the book more “mine” and not be so structured. You’ll do fine!

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