My non-literal headache and my literal headache.

I started this post earlier and I deleted it by accident (hence my non-literal headache) and I have a headache (hence my literal headache).

This morning I had a nice 2 hour nap. It was one of those unexpected naps where you just drift off to sleep whilst watching the tv.

My dream started off well: I was with my mum and a work colleague and we were delivering food to people’s houses. I didn’t know the people and the dream seemed so realistic that when I woke up I was shocked, momentarily, that I had been dreaming.

Then the dream took an alarming turn.

Suddenly, I was delivering food to people I knew. I had to go to their houses and present them with the food that they’d ordered. I got snide remarks and my mum and colleague left me.

Finally, I had to go to a large house where one of my friends lived. It was unlike their real house yet it still seemed so real. I knocked on the door and waited for a reply. No-one came to the door so I pushed on it slightly and it opened. I poked my head inside the house and decided that I would leave the food there with a little note saying I’d been to deliver it and no-one was in etc etc etc.

Just as I was leaving my friend and her extended family came back from a fishing trip and found me sneaking out of their house. They were alarmed and didn’t believe my reasons for being there. Eventually, they believed me and my friend came over and gave me a big hug. I got back in my car and drove off.

I’m not sure why this worried me so much but it did. I’m starting to wonder whether I am embarrassed about my life and, more specifically, my job and if people judge me on that. I’ve been out of school a year now and don’t seem to have achieved anything great. I don’t even think I have progressed particularly far. Is this rubbing off onto my dreams?


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