My ‘Safeplace’.

No, this isn’t a post about where I feel least afraid and most content.

Today I woke to find that the post(wo)man had been. Sadly I’d been too busy performing to an audience of 1500 people to notice (I had such an awesome dream!). Upon arriving downstairs I was greeted with a little red card to tell me that they had been to deliver my package (probably my Rhona Cameron DVD which I’ve been waiting for, for what seems a lifetime!) but I didn’t answer the door and it was too large to fit through the letterbox.

I automatically dreaded having to go and pick it up from the main post office place even though I could probably see it from my house if I stood on my roof.

But then I looked down and it said that, as requested, my item had been left “in your (my) official ‘Safeplace’ as detailed on the item”. This is strange. I do not have a safe place, hence my many journeys to the post office place…

I looked outside my front door, round the back of my house, outside my garage, round the gate by the bins. Nothing. Wherever this ‘Safeplace’ is it must be very safe because I can’t find it.


10 thoughts on “My ‘Safeplace’.

  1. says:

    lmao! omg that was sooo funny! did you find it yet???

  2. Jack says:

    Maybe it means the post office? Maybe go over there and ask? Better than nothing!

  3. Jack says:

    Thinking about it… There are a load of amazon locker things in the big co-op? Maybe you could try there? Look on the email to see if the said anything?

  4. lyndarenham says:

    My safe place (according to them, not me, as I have never offered one) seems to be my recycle bin which I assure you is far from safe. In fact the lid is broken and it is in the front garden where anyone can access it. The other ‘Safe’ place seems to be on the wall at the side of the house under a bush. You might want to try these safe places yourself…’Just sayin’

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