I enjoy crying.

I will cry at anything, anywhere.

I will cry on the train, at work or on a park bench. I will cry over a film, a text or a memory.

But I never used to.

Up until a couple of years ago I saw crying as a sign of weakness. I don’t think that was something that I was taught as my family are open about their emotions. I think maybe it was a coping strategy. If I didn’t cry I wasn’t sad – or so I thought.

It was also a social stigma for me I think. I remember one girl seeing me cry at school and saying “You can’t cry! You always make everyone else happy! You’re the one who’s always joking around and making everyone smile!”

Well how do you think that makes me feel? Being funny is a full time job and it’s not one I applied for. When am I allowed some down time? When am I allowed to let it all out? I’m not a robot, I have feelings.

It was horrible.

I let it all out on two occasions at school and it scared people. They didn’t know how to react and they didn’t like to see it or think about me being upset. Tough. It happens.

Gradually I introduced more crying until I’ve now reached the stage where it’s not normal if I don’t cry.

I think it’s helped me to become closer to people. People like to see that you struggle too and like to see that you need people. Because I do need people, we all do.

I thought that letting people in would make me vulnerable but it hasn’t. I’ve earnt a lot of respect from people and it’s made me feel more confident.

So put on a sad song and have a good cry. I promise you that getting it out helps.


15 thoughts on “I enjoy crying.

  1. greatwhitebrow says:

    Baby Bye (Dumbo) always gets me. If I want to cry, I think of that.

  2. Bill says:

    Love this. I’ve never cried without it making me feel better. Crying is a kind of good humbling. It takes me down to a humane place where we’re all the same. Tears are like tenderizer for a resistant heart. Crying may be the moment when I am most ME. My TRUE heart pours out. Lava flowing up from the core through the volcanic vents of eyes. Newness always comes from that. (Wrote a poem about this once. Wish I could find it.)

    Great post! I really like the direction of your writing in recent days. Encore!

  3. Ok, I have to ask…did reading my blog give you the idea to write this? Lol I just saw you “liked” my blog and checked you out. I am glad some people embrace crying better than I do!

  4. michelle0509 says:

    I know how you feel. I try to avoid crying because I take care of all my friends when they’re upset. I’ve only cried in front of two people outside of my family and one was as good as family and the other was my coach during practice cause I basically had an emotional melt down. Totally fun right? But I get what you’re saying about making people smile. It feels like if you’re the one making people happy, you can’t be anything but. Turns out you just have to be a good actress.

  5. zezil says:

    That is very brave of you. =

  6. Lol gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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