So I had a dream.

Yesterday I got half way through writing a post about dreams when I decided that it was rubbish. My dream was fragmented at best and didn’t really make any sense so I scrapped the post all together.

Last night I had a proper dream.

I was at an all girls boarding school with my friends and I had just found out that some of my friend’s boyfriends were cheating. This lead to a big confrontation in the changing rooms; accompanied by lots of slapping and crying. It was very realistic.

Then it transpired that I was getting friends of mine, from outside the school, to ship tvs and dvds to me via the nearby country roads.

Next thing I know I’m graduating from uni and watching a film about two women who had recently got married and bought a large country house.

I don’t know what this dream means. There were flickers of reality in my dream and the odd part of my dream played out how I would of liked it to had I been in that situation in everyday life. But normally there is some sort of climax or meaning to my dreams and I’m wondering if I’ve skipped the one in this…


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