An apology.

I did it. I’m sorry. I played up to those stereotypes and I hate it. I said what I promised I would never say. It sounds ridiculous but until you know how I feel you can’t understand why I said it. I know I’ve let you down: I’ve let everyone down. I’ve lost your respect and your faith in me. I know what I said was radical and controversial and that some people would find it blasphemous and offensive.

But I said it.

I said “It’s too hot!”

But it really is too hot.


6 thoughts on “An apology.

  1. menhir1 says:

    It ain’t too hot in some parts of the UK. If you are in the States, anywhere in the U.K. would be cool!

  2. says:

    chuckles 🙂 i join in the blasphemy. it has been too f***ing hot!!! thanks for liking my post Inspired:Lesbian. i’m having a lot of fun with this blogging thing…looks like you are too! i’ll drop in again xo

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