According to my laptop, it is 4:49. Not as scary as 4:48 but close.

I am not meant to be awake but the kitten is so by default I am too. He’s chewing on my laptop cord while I’m yawning and watching the sun rise.

I had high hopes for a good nights sleep but it was not to be. He’s very energetic and likes to nibble me in the night. I hope it’s affectionate but I fear it isn’t.

Now I’ll have to nap during the day and risk not getting some stuff done.

What was life like before a kitten? Was it easier or just less exciting?


2 thoughts on “4:49

  1. greatwhitebrow says:

    All that care and attention you give him and he tries to eat you? When you get a chance to sleep, do it with one eye open.

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