Two things on my mind.

First, I had an unwanted dream last night. It’s a dream that I’ve been expecting but not so soon and last night it hit me with full force – I woke up crying a little and feeling completely drained. Great way to start my day, eh? It’s a dream that makes me face up to the daunting reality of life and put things into perspective. I feel the need to share this dream but I know stupid it’ll sound. But here goes.

I am working for a charity who volunteer to help an intelligence agency. I was with a group of friends and my manager from work. My job was simple: answer the phone. But then a friend of mine kept talking about someone called “Jez”. Then my other friend started talking about Jez and soon everyone was but no-one would tell me who he was or why they were all obsessed with him.

That was it.

I hate the feeling of exclusion and like I’m being replaced.

Secondly, I have to organise something. I’m normally quite good at it but this time I am completely out of my depth. There are so many things to think about and I don’t know what to do first or how to do it or when it has to be done by. Thankfully, I have someone helping me so we can both panic together.

So that’s it really.


4 thoughts on “Two things on my mind.

  1. starryeyedgem says:

    I understand that feeling all too well. Maybe its a good thing, it shows you care and take your role seriously. sometimes dreams are more important than reality aren’t they?

  2. granny1947 says:

    Thank you so much for the visit.
    Start with something small and get that out of the way.
    the rest will follow.

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