Are we really ready for another kitten?

This thought has troubled me the past few days. We are happy: me, my mum and our two cats. They get on brilliantly (they’re brothers) and we love rhem with all our hearts. We have morning cuddles and they have evening play fights. Are we really ready to shake all this up?

Will they be accepting? Will they understand that he’ll need a little bit of attention for a while until he settles in? Will they take him under their wing?

I hope so.

No, I know they will.

We’re kitten proofing the house, spending ridiculous amounts of money on kitten food and thinking of everything else we might have forgotten to do.

I am so excited. But with this excitement comes great anxiety and responsibility. But this seems like the right time to introduce a little one to our not so little ones.

Wish us luck.


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