I don’t do catering.

I mean, I do; it’s my job but I’m not good at it.

Take, for example, yesterday.

We had a two big functions on which involved getting dressed up in black and white, polishing wine glasses and serving a three course meal. For me, it involved accidentally pouring coffee all over a table, prodding a woman with a knife and dropping a starter.

I should not be in catering.

Whilst I enjoy my job, I often get the feeling that I’m just not like the others. We work with a lot of agency staff who have grace, stamina and balance that I will never have.

Last night I rang a friend of mine and confessed these various mistakes of mine. I asked her to remind me what was good about me and she did. And she was right.

I may not be a caterer but I am a lot of things. So who cares if I drop bowls and spill water and offend guests? Who cares if I’m sometimes three minutes late, grumpy and looking as if I might faint?

I am who I am. A caterer? No. A multitude of other things? Yes.


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