Anger management: 2.

A lot has changed since I wrote “Anger management”. I’m not sure whether it’s because I thrash my body at the gym almost every day or not, but I have become much less angry. This has, of course, had an impact on my driving.

I still feel angry when someone pulls out in front of me, or cuts me up, or overtakes when I doing the speed limit and sometimes more. But now I do what I should have done a long time ago: realised that they were the ones who were going to end up injured and not me and ignore it.

However, I still have one trick up my sleeve.

It was early evening a couple of days ago andΒ I was driving to a friends a few miles away. All of a sudden a car caught up with me, pushing me along the 30mph road. I instanty knew what I had to do. I wound down both windows. I waited for the next song to come onto shuffle. It was Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”. Perfect. I could belt that out and she would be bound to hate it.

I whacked it up to maximum volume and I sang my little heart out. The best part was that it was the middle of June and there I was all Christmased up and lovely every second of it.

Sadly, the woman behind didn’t love every second of it and turned off towards the end of my majestic performance.

Wagg 1 – Angry driver 0.


8 thoughts on “Anger management: 2.

  1. onesinglelie says:

    I have the worst road rage ever. My mother refuses to go in my car, my sister and gf said they are embarrassed to be in the car with me while I drive.

    I’ll try to think of your side next time I get angry while driving!

  2. 3DCitizen says:

    If I ever saw such a thing occurring, that would utterly make my day.

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